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About us

Study in Europe is a European Union project ...

...contracted by the European Commission’s Directorate for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture for a duration of three years (2021-2023). It is implemented by a consortium composed of Campus France (coordinator), DAAD, Nuffic, the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) and the Estonian Education and Youth Board (Harno).

    The projects aims to

    • show students worldwide what studying in Europe offers
    • help international students find out about study and research opportunities in the 33 Erasmus+ countries.

    How can Study in Europe help you?

    We offer lots of ways to help students worldwide plan their studies in Europe:

    • Visit the Study in Europe web portal and find out about study, research and scholarship opportunities in Europe.
    • Attend the Study in Europe fairs - meet European universities and higher education organisations for personal advice on studying in Europe.
    • Join the Study in Europe Facebook page and follow our Instagram for news and views about studying in Europe.

    Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) + African Students & Alumni Forum (ASAF)

    Make sure to join our student talk, where students and alumni selected by both EMA and ASAF share their experiences studying in Europe!

    Take the first step towards being an international student

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